Frequently Asked Questions

When are proposals due?
Proposals are due 18 November 2012, midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

How do I submit a proposal?
There are three primary types of proposals we accept: performances, praxis sessions, and paper/panel proposals.
- For the paper proposals, we will accept both individual abstracts, and submissions for a complete panel. You may also submit proposals for other panel formats, including roundtables.
- Please include in the subject line of your email whether your proposal is for a performance, a praxis session, or a paper/panel.
- Please be sure your abstract(s) respond to the CFP and the submission requirements established therein.
- Be sure to include the names and affiliations of everyone on the proposal. Designate a single contact person, and list this individual's email address.

How do I request technical support for my proposal?
Please include in your abstract any/all requests for technical support.
- Performances/Praxis sessions: Production support for performance and praxis sessions will be limited, and we will work with you on this after we receive your proposal.
- Panels: Venues for panels come equipped with projection and sound capabilities. Please let us know in your abstract what your needs are.

How can I confirm that my proposal was received?
A member of the conference committee will email you a confirmation within forty-eight hours of receipt of your proposal.

May I submit more than one proposal?
We will accept multiple proposals from a single person, but each individual may present/perform in only two events. Individuals may also chair/respond to one session.

When will I hear whether I've been accepted?
The conference committee plans to email responses in early January. Conference registration will open in February.

How can I become a member of one of PSi's working groups?
If you would like more information about individual working groups, please see their links on the PSi website ( We encourage you to contact the chair of the working group(s) you are interested in joining, and to attend their events at the annual conference.

I have more questions!
Please email with additional questions.

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