The Artist/Scholars/Activists Award

The ASA Award is an award for outstanding achievement within the cross-disciplinary field of performance. The ASA Award will be given to an Artist/ Scholar/ Activist who has spent at least a decade fostering exchange between Artists/ Scholars/ Activists, and fostering collaboration either interdisciplinary or international. Nominations may come from both the conference director ahead of the conference and from the PSi Board of Directors. The PSi prize committee will then appoint a winner in collaboration with the conference organizers. The award winner is required to attend the conference where their work will be shown and discussed. The Award consists of $1000, plus conference registration.
Deadlines: February 15, 2013 for nominations. Announcement on the conference website by April 1, 2013.


Enrichment Bursary

The Enrichment Bursary award is to support new and unaffiliated artists/scholars/activists, particularly those from groups under-represented, to attend the PSi conference and make a contribution. Only applicants who have already had their proposal for a presentation accepted by the organizers of the current PSi conference can receive the award. Applicants should fill in the application form below and email it, along with a one-page CV, to by February 15, 2013. Please put “Enrichment Bursary Application” in the subject line of your email. The recipient of the PSi Enrichment Bursary for 2013 will be decided by the Conference Organizers based on eligibility criteria and on review scores for the presentation proposal.
The award consists of travel, accommodation and conference registration fees for PSi19. The bursary will only cover the cost of an economy airfare and/or standard train travel. Accommodation costs will be covered at a hotel agreed upon by the applicant and the PSi19 Conference Organizers Programme, and will only cover the duration of the conference. The bursary covers the full cost of conference registration.
Deadlines: February 15, 2013 for submissions. Applicants will be advised by March 15, 2013.


Dwight Conquergood Award

** Deadline: March 22, 2013

Every year the board of PSi makes this award in honour of the memory of Dwight Conquergood to an individual whose work around cultural performance in some way carries a connection to Dwight´s own practice. The award covers the cost of attending the annual PSi conference, including travel, accommodation and registration fees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Can Apply?
The Dwight Conquergood Award will be given to an artist, an activist or an emerging academic conducting research or working on projects with disenfranchised communities. The award will be open to graduate students and early career researchers (three years since PhD) as well as to practitioners and community members themselves who might be working outside of educational or institutional structures. Only applicants who have already had their proposal for a presentation accepted by the organisers of the current PSi Conference are eligible to receive the award.

How to Apply?
Application for the DCA consists of a one page CV and a brief accompanying letter outlining your reasons for application and suitability for the award and the contact details of two referees. The application should include a reflection on how the work relates to the spirit of Dwight Conquergood’s work, for example by focusing on marginalized groups or challenging the boundaries between scholarly work and a wider sense of ethnography.

If the applicant is studying for a higher degree, please supply a letter from your supervisor about progress to date. If the applicant is a practitioner please supply a letter of support from someone who knows your previous work.

Applications for an award for 2013 should be sent to Laura Luise Schultz at:

When to apply?
Deadline for applications is March 22, 2013. Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

What does the Award consist of?
If an airfare is involved, the award will only cover the cost of an economy airfare. Accommodation costs will be covered at a hotel to be agreed between the applicant and the board of PSi and only for the duration of the conference. The award covers the full cost of registration.

When will I know the result of my application?
A small committee consisting of the conference organisers and members of the PSi board will judge the Dwight Conquergood Award. Applicants will be advised within 8 weeks of the application being received by the board.

What happens if I win?
The award will be made every year at the AGM of the annual conference.
Winners of the award must attend the conference and the AGM and should also participate in the meetings of the relevant PSi committee (eg. the emerging scholar’s committee or the artistic committee).


Routledge Prize

This prize, sponsored by Routledge, recognizes research excellence at the postgraduate level. It is awarded annually for a research presentation at the PSi Conference by a graduate student registered at the host institution, or in the host region of the conference. (The choice of institution or region will be made in consultation with the PSi Board and the Conference Organizers in advance of the event.) Contenders will be nominated and the award judged each year by members of the PSi Board. The winner will receive £150 of Routledge books, plus a year’s subscription to Performance Research. The prize will be presented at PSi’s Annual General Meeting, and news of the award posted on the PSi website.

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