Praxis Sessions

The format of praxis sessions is designed to promote and facilitate rigorous reflection on performance presented by means other than traditional conference panels.

While conceptually, this format picks up on the idea of shifts initiated in Zagreb at PSi 15, it also looks back at long standing issue of presenting performance research that has been debated within the field since the earliest performance studies conferences. As in Zagreb and Utrecht, these sessions will take place within discrete time blocks in early evenings and during nighttime, not concurrently with panels and plenary dialogues. Unlike in previous conferences, we would like to expand our approach to perfomative presentations to include more time-specific, site-specific, and environmental settings. Praxis sessions could include collaborations between artists and scholars, installations, mini-workshops, labs, performative exhibits, guided tours, tutorials, artists’ presentations, applied fictocriticism, and so on. This list, of course, does not exhaust the number and variety of presentations we hope to accommodate.  Praxis sessions will take place in TAPS performance spaces, other spaces throughout Stanford Campus, and off-site spaces (please see the Facilities section of the website). As with performance proposals, we urge you to submit low-tech/no-tech proposals for praxis sessions.

It is just as important to know what a praxis session is as what it isnot. A praxis session is not an expanded panel, a round table, or a stand-alone performance. These formats are already featured in the PSi19 CFP, and you will stand a better chance of being accepted if you frame your presentation accurately. We might ask some applicants to re-submit their proposal using an appropriate presentation format.

For praxis sessions, please submit an abstract of 500 words. Include a description of your ideal space and duration as well as your requests for equipment and technical support. Be sure to indicate the names, affiliations, and contact information of all participants, and designate a point-person for the conference organizers to contact. Include your proposal as a PDF (preferred) or an Word Document. Include a last name in the file name of the document.

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