Call for Papers

Call for Papers

“Now then” as an adverbial form opens time as a modality of manner, not a thing: not a series of points, nor a line, nor even a circle. The adverbial contradiction nowthen, both nonsensical and functional, points to that aspect of performance which vanishes, but also persists, accumulates, anticipates, truncates, forecloses, syncopates, pauses, hurries, retards, accelerates, stops, starts, repeats … in time.

This conference seeks to bring forward the complexity of temporality in performance by inviting submissions that address this theme in its many variations. Further, performance studies has the potential to establish a unique take on the politics of time. Instead of alleviating social and economic injustices and inequalities, new technologies and new economies have aggressively pushed them from spatial to temporal dimensions of labor. Free time is not leisure time; we invite you to explore this and other paradoxes of neoliberalism. Also, the question of temporality is inseparable from question of history. This conference invites papers and presentations that examine performance studies’ contributions to existing methodologies in historiography. “Now Then” also invites presentations on our discipline’s institutional history. The first Performance Studies conference held at NYU in 1995, “The Future of the Field,” inherently positioned the field as a forward-looking discipline. Now, in the future, we hope to create an opportunity for focused and rigorous reflection on the paradoxical notion of the past anterior that can be seen as the paradigmatic situation of performance.

Possible Topics Include

Relationships between materiality and temporality
Ephemerality and documentation
Queer temporalities
Race and time
Bodies in history
Imperial and colonial temporalities
New media/old media and time
Sound, music, tempo
Market futurities: the new, the cutting edge

Immediacy and affect in performance
Time out: holiday, festival
Performing in the pluperfect
Biological and tectonic time
Synchronicity, simultaneity, speed
Temporary spaces
Fast food, slow cooking


papers, panels, praxis sessions, performances

due 18 Nov 2012, 11:59PM, PST


300-word abstracts for paper proposals. 800-word abstracts for panel submissions. Please include names of all participants, institutions, A/V requests.


Praxis Sessions at PSi19 trace their lineage to PSi15 Zagreb and the creation of the ‘Shift’, a conference slot designed to encourage interaction between artistic and theoretical work. In using the word ‘praxis’ PSi19 encourages a focus on embodiment and the vita active in relation to temporality and performance. The form of Praxis Sessions is open - these can be workshops, roundtables, dialogues, performance lectures, participatory events etc. Each Praxis session proposal must have a curator or convener.


500 word abstract indicating space, equipment and time requirements; number of participants; and name(s) and affiliation(s) of the proposer(s).


We also want to extend to artists the opportunity to propose self-contained performances, as well as durational or installation work as part of the conference. Explorations that play with times outside the conference ‘norm’ are welcome, such as a one minute performance on the stroke of midnight or a four day durational piece.


500-word description of the piece and technical requirements. You may send support material on DVD or provide links to online documentation. The theatre spaces available for conference performances will necessarily be stretched in terms of tech support and set up time, thus low tech / no tech proposals are encouraged.


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